Nortal invests in further development of the X-Road component

April 21, 2016

As a new version of X-Road is being implemented, international software developer and business consultancy company Nortal has decided to invest in the further development of the open source library J-road, facilitating the creation and use of additional X-Road services and ensuring its consistent operation. Nortal's development will be completed in May.
According to Priit Liivak, Nortal’s Head of Engineering, J-road is an additional X-Road component for developers, created by Nortal years ago, to facilitate the provision and use of X-Road services. “J-road supports communication with more than 35 registries and is used in the majority of Estonia’s e-government solutions. As the J-road library requires an upgrade for the transition to a new version of the X-Road security server, we have decided to cover the cost of this development so that X-Road communication with J-road may continue after the version update,” said Liivak.

“J-road is an X-Road component that can be used in all solutions communicating with X-Road that considerably aid in facilitating the use of Estonian databases. It is similar to a standard contract – you could always start from scratch, but using a proven and tested template is much more efficient. J-road provides all of the common elements for using and providing various services and a developer can then fill in the blanks. This increases the speed and quality of development. In addition, J-road resolves various bottlenecks and helps prevent typical mistakes,” added Liivak. 

An upgrade is required as the new version of the X-Road security server introduces new message structures and new methods for information exchanges between security servers. “After we update the code, users must only update the version on their systems and test the relevant services,” said Liivak.

X-Road is a data exchange layer of information systems that enable secure communication between databases and registries. The transition to X-Road version 6 began in late 2015 and should be completed by mid-2017. X-Road is designed to ensure the integrity of information exchanged between organisations. The version update will change the existing X-Road security scheme, further ensuring the integrity of information exchanged on X-Road and maintain its security by eliminating legacy software. Further information:

Nortal is an international business consultations and software development solutions provider focusing on eGovernment, eHealth, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics sectors. The company’s turnover in 2015 was 45 million euros. Nortal operates in nearly 20 countries and employs 550 specialists who carry out high-quality, mission-critical and high-impact social projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nortal is valued employer across all home markets. In Estonia, Nortal was has been awarded with the title of the most employer and family friendly company three times – in 2008, 2010 and 2014. 

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Nortal doubled operating profit in 2015

April 11, 2016

International business consultations and software development solutions provider Nortal Group AS’ EBITDA more than doubled in 2015 reaching 3.7 million euros. Total consolidated revenue of the company increased 6.4 percent to 45 million euros. 

According to Nortal CEO and founder Priit Alamäe the company has managed to grow business with high-quality, mission-critical and high-impact projects across most of Nortal home markets, regardless of the economic slowdown.

Among most outstanding projects of 2015 and major impact delivered, Alamäe names reducing time needed for company registration in Oman to 3 minutes; improving speed of information flow and increasing accuracy of the information logistics operations for Neste in Finland, distributing 2.7 million tons of products each year; and delivering national health record project and hospital management systems to 32 hospitals in Lithuania to create seamless information exchange between patients, hospitals, pharmacies and central system.

„In 2015 Nortal continued successful co-operation with Estonian ministries and payment agencies, considered to be most efficient in the world in distributing subsidies and grants as well as checking compliance. Company also boosted the efficiency of customers in public and private sector through implementations of FlairPoint document management, MS CRM, ASPROVA lean management and StaffLogic resource planning solutions,“ said Alamäe.

According to company CEO Prit Alamäe, 2015 can also be considered a year of change. „Nortal has built roughly a third of Estonian e-government solutions and implemented high-impact, mission-critical projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Through the years, business consultations have naturally become a vital and much needed service we provide for our clients in addition to software development. Since last year we have been strategically developing business consultations as a significant part of our offering for transformation projects. We consider this very important, because creating high-impact changes through technology need more than good software development. These are complex processes, that require changes in the regulatory environment and also strategic change management,“ added Alamäe.

In 2016, the group continues to invest into Nortal Concepts, which apply holistic approach to strategy and process re-design, change management and technology transformation. Nortal provides services for government and healthcare organizations and private enterprises operating in manufacturing, energy, logistics and telecom sectors.

Nortal is an international business consultations and software development solutions provider focusing on eGovernment, eHealth, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics sectors. The company’s turnover in 2015 was 45 million euros. Nortal operates in nearly 20 countries and employs 550 specialists who carry out high-quality, mission-critical and high-impact social projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nortal is valued employer across all home markets. In Estonia, Nortal was has been awarded with the title of the most employer and family friendly company three times – in 2008, 2010 and 2014. 
More information: 
Priit Alamäe 
Nortal, CEO / founder

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Do more with your data - Connected with Kepware®

March 16, 2016

Heterogeneous industrial connectivity is one of the big challenges for creating a truly connected and digital industry. By enabling customers to combine and leverage real-time industrial machine data with any business and analytics data is a cornerstone of any IoT, Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 solution.
To improve Nortal offerings, we have signed an agreement of becoming a System Integrator partner to Kepware Technologies. Kepware products will strengthen Nortals ability to execute our Seamless Society strategy by delivering Meaningful Impact for industrial communications challenges.
Kepware Technologies, established in 1995, is a software development company headquartered in Portland, Maine. Kepware develops software solutions for the Industrial Automation Industry that help bridge the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications. Kepware products enable informed decision-making from the shop floor to the top floor by providing consistent, reliable data across the enterprise. Kepware is distinguished by a reputation for premium product quality, support, and customer satisfaction. More information on Kepware products:
CONNECTED WITH KEPWARE® PROGRAM - Connected with Kepware® program recognizes and Kepware’s strategic distribution, integration, and technology partners. Because Kepware does not offer system integration services, we rely on our Connected System Integrators to implement and optimize our communications software so we can remain focused on developing the highest quality products for our customers. Integrators have firsthand knowledge and experience in a variety of industries, including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Water & Wastewater. Each Connected System Integrator has been carefully selected and vetted for participation.

Kepware connects Operations Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT), enabling visibility across the enterprise. The Kepware flagship product, KEPServerEX is the industry’s leading communications platform. KEPServerEX communicates with industrial devices and applications using a library of more than 150 protocols, and provides enterprise applications with reliable real-time and historical data through a single communications platform. It can seamlessly stream real-time industrial control data directly into Big Data and analytic software applications for Business Intelligence and Operational Excellence. The platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user experience. KEPServerEX manages critical production, facility, and infrastructure data.

Kepware serves customers in more than 120 countries through both direct sales and relationships with distributors located in more than 100 countries. Industries served by Kepware products are typically Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, Building Automation and Infrastructure.

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Apply for Nortal Summer University, a training programme for IT-students in Estonia and Lithuania!

March 14, 2016

Apply for Nortal Summer University, a training programme for IT-students in Estonia and Lithuania!

Nortal Summer University is a training programme for IT-students in Estonia and Lithuania. We offer an intense  programme with a prospect of full-time job in Estonia (Tartu or Tallinn) or Lithuania (Vilnius) for programmers and analysts.

You will have an opportunity to train alongside with the top IT-specialists in the Baltics. 

Apply NOW or until April 1, 2016 via

More info:

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Oman government’s Invest Easy portal gaining popularity

November 16, 2015

Muscat: More and more companies are starting to use the fast and easy e-services provided by Invest Easy online portal ( The new secure portal enables investors to complete their company registration process online in less than three minutes, said a press release.

In addition to starting a new company, the portal also enables existing businesses to manage their interactions with the government.

The Invest Easy project is an inter-governmental initiative led by Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and Information Technology Authority (ITA). The portal has been built by Nortal, the leading software developer for mission critical e-solutions in the fields of governance, healthcare and industry.

“Our goal is to create services that provide a meaningful impact on the communities in which we operate,” said Peter Smitt, business area director, Nortal. “The new commercial registration service in the Invest Easy portal is a prime example of this in action. We are not merely programming the software and translating a paper service to digital. We are making the whole registration process less bureaucratic, faster and more transparent than ever before,” he added.

“In the first six months of the new commercial registration service, over 12,000 new companies were registered. Out of these, over 1,000 registrations were completed online and the service is gaining more popularity each month. In September, alone there were nearly 400 online registrations, which amounted to 16.7 per cent of the total registrations,” Smitt added.

In many countries, government e-services have already proven to be an effective way of saving time for the people and reducing public costs. Nortal is using the world’s best practices for developing it e-solutions. For the Invest Easy portal, the experiences from building the Estonian Business Register and Company Registration Portal were used as the foundation. Estonian e-services are world famous and have earned several awards. When building Invest Easy, Nortal not only localized these processes, to suit the needs of Omani business environment, but also significantly upgraded them.

Invest Easy is leading the way in building an easy, transparent and sustainable business environment where companies can last for generations and bring prosperity to the Sultanate and its people. Estonia used to hold the world record for registering a new company that was done in 18 minutes. Now that record has long been beaten by Oman, where the fastest new company registration was done in under 3 minutes. This was possible because of Nortal’s experience in designing e-government processes when they were building the Invest Easy portal. They did not merely make an online portal to house the registration service, but also changed the whole process itself, making it as seamless and effortless as possible for the user, at the same time making no compromises on security and transparency.

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Nortal invites Former Estonian Prime Minister to Present at workshop on Good Governance

June 03, 2015

June 03 2015, Muscat: Mr. Siim Kallas, the former Estonian Prime Minister and Vice President of the European Commission shared his experiences on good governance in a workshop aimed at high level Omani government officials. The highly interactive session led by Mr. Kallas incorporated a very solid case study of the Estonian Experience from the period he was in charge of leading the complex governmental reforms at the highest level. Officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Health and other government departments attended the event with the key guest for the afternoon being Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidi, the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Mr. Kallas, who was first appointed Vice President to the European Commission in 2004 held two integral positions over the course of his tenure, briefed the audience on the policies and legal basis of the best practices of good governance. He also explained the lessons learned from the reforms that took place in Estonia since the country regained its independence in 1992 and which lead to the e-transformation of the whole society, resulting in significant savings on governance costs and raised standard of living for the citizens. He concluded by looking at practical measures of executing good governance. 

Mr. Peeter Smitt, Managing Director of Nortal in the gulf region, said: “We are deeply honoured to have Mr. Siim Kallas here with us today to share his experiences. Mr. Kallas has been the powerhouse behind many complex governmental reforms and his work is a shining example of how to make the public sector perform with increased efficiency and accountability, how investing in technology enables wider and more comfortable access to much needed services,” mr. Smitt concluded.

The multi-national IT company Nortal has assisted numerous countries in the field of e-governance, including Qatar, Oman, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Nigeria, Botswana and Moldova in providing better services to their citizens and businesses. Nortal began its operations in the Gulf in 2008 and established a local subsidiary in 2011. Today it considers Oman to be one of its home markets with a strong onsite presence.

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Liferay Recognizes Nortal as a Platinum Partner

March 24, 2015

Liferay, Inc., which makes enterprise, open source portals, announced that Nortal has achieved Platinum Partner status. As a partner since 2009, and the only Liferay partner in Estonia, Nortal works with clients to design and implement various enterprise level self-service systems using Liferay Portal. Major clients for whom Nortal has implemented Liferay Portal solutions include Estonian Telecom (EMT), Tallink, and Estonian Energy.
We are very proud to see Nortal reach this milestone,” said Joseph Shum, Director of Operations in Europe. “Nortal has established a very impressive deployment track record across many industries, most recently within the Telecom and Energy sectors.”
Nortal’s customer Tallink uses Liferay for almost all its external and internal sites, counting over 20 different sites in different geographical locations and languages, including a business units support portal. The company chose Liferay for their new intranet project as the key platform.
“The platform choice has justified itself in every way, the learning curve to the platform has been a time well spent.” said Toomas Susi, Head of IT development, Tallink Group. “Liferay is a great framework for bigger companies with more complicated IT needs.”
Nortal believes Liferay is essential to fulfilling the growing needs of the enterprise, especially those who are looking to move beyond the constraints of their current technology platforms. Liferay Portal provides key functionalities to meet the needs of modern users by enabling the delivery of mobile applications, both native and web, mobile responsive design and audience personalized content targeting.
"Reaching the level of Platinum Partnership with Liferay is yet another proof and guarantee of Nortal’s competencies. Also, a unique competitive advantage in Estonia and in the region.” said Oleg Shvaikovsky, Board Member, Nortal.

“We are honored to be a certified Liferay Partner. Nortal will continue to offer the best technological solutions for our customers with complex and demanding IT needs.”
About Liferay, Inc.
Liferay, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise open source portal and collaboration software products, servicing Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Clients include Allianz, Carrefour, Cisco Systems, Danone, Lufthansa Flight Training, Siemens, Société Générale, Toyota and the United Nations. Liferay offers Enterprise Subscriptions, which provide access to emergency fixes, software updates, 24/7 support SLAs, and subscription-only features. Liferay also offers professional services and training to ensure successful deployments for its customers. Liferay, Liferay Portal, and the Liferay logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Liferay, Inc., in the United States and other countries.

For more information about Liferay, visit

Liferay Europe
Edmund Dueck
Phone: +49 6196 92 193 30

Oleg Shvaikovsky
Phone: +372 510 5349


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Nortal Summer University Program Open for Applicants

February 26, 2015

For the 10th year in a row, a 4-month-long Nortal Summer University training program for IT students is open for applications. The program is called “Programmers’ Special” and is dedicated to all those capable of and interested in software development. Everyone interested in participating is welcome to join the program either in Estonia or Lithuania. After the first week of introductory training in Estonia, all students move on to work in real projects for real customers in their home country (either Estonia or Lithuania).

Registration deadline is March 21. To submit their entry the applicants must sign up and give their name, country of residence, name of the university they are currently studying at and a few additional contact details. Please note that all applicants must be fluent in the local language of the country they are applying at.

All applicants will receive the first test assignment via e-mail by March 23. Solving the first test assignment will reveal the key to the second one. The first test assignment should be solvable within an hour but the test link will be active and open for 24 hours. The solution to the second test assignment must be submitted no later than March 29. Along with the solution, all applicants are also expected to submit their CV and letter of motivation. 

All candidates will be contacted by April 17 and Nortal will conduct the interviews within the period of April 18 - May 7. By May 8, Nortal Summer University 2015 participants will be announced.

The Summer University program will begin approximately one month after the participants have been selected. The first training week will be held in Estonia. Transport to the training location and accommodation during the training week will be organised and paid by Nortal. After a week of introductory training and overview of the methods and tools, all students move on to work in real projects for real customers with the support of the team and their very own tutor. 

Nortal Summer University dates back to 2005. when the program was initiated in Tartu. The number of applicants has grown significantly and every year. In 2014, 275 students applied for Nortal Summer University and 16 were accepted. In 2013, 254 students applied and 22 were accepted. 

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Nortal Finland completes employee cooperation negotiations

February 12, 2015

On February 8th, Nortal Finland completed the employee cooperation negotiations according to which Nortal will terminate the contracts of 4 people in Finland and temporarily lay off 9 people full-time and 4 people part-time, also in Finland. Temporary lay-offs may last for a period of up to 90 days.

The time period during which Nortal will carry out the planned temporary full-time and part-time lay-offs lasts from February to October with two set checkpoints. Provided the market situation does not meet Nortal's expectations, the set two checkpoints might result in more temporary full-time or part-time layoffs before October 2015. There will be no more contract terminations. 

Nortal entered the employee cooperation negotiations due to changes in its customers’ purchase behaviour and overall difficult market situation in Finland. The employee cooperation negotiations lasted for 14 days and affected approximately 100 people of the Nortal Finland 140 staff. 

Read more on the Finnish co-operation procedure on reducing the use of personnel

For additional information contact: 
Juha Laakkonen
Managing Director Finland, Nortal Oy
+358 407 625 480

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Liferay Named a Leader in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals!​

January 21, 2015

For the fifth year in a row, independent leading research firm Gartner has named Liferay as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. Nortal is Liferay Gold Partner. 

For the past several years, Liferay has had the fastest-growing Java-based portal, increasing its market momentum even as other Java portals from established large vendors have slowed in growth. Enterprise initiatives most frequently employ the commercially supported Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition, which is available primarily on a subscription basis. Organizations pursuing project-based portal initiatives and smaller organizations often use the free open-source Liferay Portal Community Edition. Liferay also makes its Enterprise Edition available to independent software vendors (ISVs) as an OEM offering. Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition is now at version 6.2 and boasts upward of 1,700 customers.

Liferay strengths

Even in the face of increasingly large, complex deployments, Liferay continues to build up a pool of satisfied customers. Liferay Portal has often succeeded where portal initiatives using other products were bogged down in cost and complexity. The open-source option can mean greatly reduced costs for organizations with sufficient in-house resources to take advantage of it.

Liferay is focused, agile and able to maintain a faster pace of development than most in terms of adding features such as support for mobile and social computing. Liferay has proved that it can respond quickly to requests for added functionality and other changes in market demand.

Even in the face of substantial growth, Liferay has retained its customers' high regard for its support. Customers rate Liferay among the highest of portal providers in the quality and effectiveness of customer support and professional services.

Nortal Liferay Competence

Nortal is a Liferay Portal Gold level partner and has deployed Liferay projects since 2009. Nortal has developed more than 20 projects involving the Liferay Portal as the core platform.

We have over 50 specialists from project management to analysis, development, QA and visual design who are working with Liferay platform based projects on a daily basis. Besides that Nortal is a regional reseller and 1st line support contact for Liferay clients and developers.

Nortal has certified a number of specialists as Liferay developers and administrators, taken the 1st line support courses as required by the Liferay partnership terms and also participated in Liferay conferences annually to keep up with the latest improvements.

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