May 25, 2012

Webmedia Group and CCC Corporation shall introduce a new name and logo on May 25, 2012 as the next logical step in the merger process. The main purpose of the rebranding is to support their operations as a one company.

As of today, all subsidiary companies of AS Webmedia Group in Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania and Oman, and CCC Corporation in Finland, shall use a common identity – Nortal. Nortal combines Nordic business culture and professionalism, international experience and expert knowledge of local markets. The name “Nortal“ incorporates two main ingredients of the company – Nordic values and Talented professionals.

According to Priit Alamäe, CEO of Nortal, the new brand identity is a logical, necessary and long-awaited step in the continuing development of the company. “During the past few years our company has undergone dramatic growth and expanded its operations internationally – we now operate in fifteen countries and employ over 650 experienced specialists. From today onwards, we can further increase our efficiency and productivity under the new name and visual identity,“ said Alamäe.

In Alamäe’s opinion the new identity allows the company’s clients and employees to fully exploit all the advantages of an international enterprise. “Before taking this crucial step, we thoroughly analysed the possibility of adopting either of the strong and well-known brands, but concluded that neither of them fully supports our international development plans. The new common identity truly reflects our core selves both on a local and international level. And the name “Nortal“ as well as the logo, which is inspired by the northern lights, carries our Nordic origin and underlying values, and communicates the fact that our success is based on our people and professional talent,“ added Alamäe.

Nortal is the largest software development company in the Baltic States, and one of the fastest growing software companies in the Nordic region, offering custom software solutions to clients in the Nordics, Baltics, Russia, the Gulf States, Africa, etc. Solutions implemented by Nortal are used by the most demanding clients in the fields of telecommunications, finance, industry, logistics, healthcare and public sector.

Priit Alamäe further explained that adopting a new brand identity can never be a goal in itself. “Our clients expect us to provide increasingly professional support to their businesses on an international level, and we are working hard to surprise them positively. We are now playing in the big league. This is something we could only dream of, when we established the company back in 2000,“ added Alamäe.