Wondering why should you work here?

Here are just a few good reasons!

Talent & Ambition

In Nortal, no talent goes unrecognised and with the right amount of ambition only the sky’s the limit. We let our stars shine!

Fresh Ideas & Original Solutions

Fresh ideas fall into fertile ground. They are not only welcome, they’re expected. Energetic and Proactive are our middle names and we take pride in delivering original solutions.

Trust in Expertise

In Nortal, decisions are made based on expert opinion. We trust our sharp minds to know their business and we stand behind them.

Challenge & Opportunity

Our geniuses challenge themselves every day knowing their proposals and opinions will be taken into account. We consider professional development a fundamental right and core motivation. We encourage professional growth and hold no one back.

Overseas Missions

We mean business when we say we’re international – join our overseas units and experience the professional growth most people only dream of. Not to mention different cultures and enjoyable climates. We even encourage you to take your family along.

Commitment & Rewarded Results

We expect commitment and effort but we are also ready to share our success with our employees. Not only do we provide our craftsmen and women with an inspiring working atmosphere and exciting projects, we recognize people for their hard work.

Innovation & High Technology

Freedom of choice in choosing work methods, putting accent on innovation and following world trends fuels our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for what we do.

Excellent Work Environment

It goes without saying Nortal’s setup package is a dream come true – we offer the best work equipment and flexible hours.

Off-hours Beyond Comparison

We can’t get enough of each other. We like working together as much as we enjoy partying together. Every team has extra energy for some fun team building be it sports, opera or zoo. Not to mention seeing the world through business travels.

Crossborder Teamspirit

Our teams go beyond national borders. Working with colleagues from different countries for clients from yet again different countries guarantees a complete multi-cultural mix.

We Know You Have a Family

Even though we can’t understand why anyone would want to leave the office we know you have a family and we want you to be able to spend time with them too.

Making the World a Better Place

We are do-gooders at heart. We bring value through our IT-solutions and business expertise.