Electronic Business Register Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Oman

Electronic business register and business process automation solution along with self-service targeted to citizens and other government institutions has won a WSIS 2012 Project Prize in the category of e-business. The solution saves an average of 1:30 hours of waiting time standing in a queue. During the first week after go-live the solution already saved 1248 working hours for investors.

Census 2011 Solution for Statistics Estonia

66% of Estonian estimated population participated in the month-long e-census in January 2012 surpassing the current world record of 54,6% held by Canada.

During the peak time the system worked impeccably and the IT consortium deserves recognition for that. More than 50 000 people could be counted per day which exceeded the planned demand multiple times.

Ene-Margit Tiit
Head of Methodology of Population and Housing Census 2011

Estonian Official Tourist Information Portal Visitestonia.com

Estonian tourism exports increased over 4 million Euros within 6 months after implementation.

Tarmo Mutso
Estonian Tourism Board, Marketing Director
2,2m Visits
1,4m Unique Visitors
207 Countries

EU Structural Funds Management System

Estonian Ministry of Finance has gained one of the lowest administration cost ratio among EU countries for managing EU structural funds distribution in Estonia. More than 3 billion euros of payouts have been made since 2007.

Unemployed Information Management System

Without exaggeration it can be said that the new system played a key role in Unemployment Insurance Fund’s success in handling exponentially increased number of customers in 2009 without increasing the number of consultants equally. The speed of customer service increased 3 times.

Urmas Visse
Head of Information Systems Department in Unemployment Insurance Fund

Core System for Estonian Car Registry Center

Consolidation of more than 25 non-integrated systems into unified services’ platform has enabled a wider use of e-services leading to significant increase in the level of customer satisfaction.

e-Invoice Management Service for eArvekeskus

Fully automated and digital invoice handling service enables to decrease the costs of invoice handling more than 2,5 times compared to manual invoice processing.

EU Agricultural Subsidies Management System

Agricultural Registry and Information Board has gained one of the lowest administration cost ratio (2 FTE’s in total) among EU countries for managing EU agricultural subsidies distribution in Estonia. More than 1,5 billion euros of subsidies have been distributed since 2007 with weekly payouts in average exceeding 2,5 million euros.

Financial Advisory Model for SEB

An HTML5 application to simulate customers' financial positions, identify risks and opportunities, and their impact on future cash flow.

This tool will help us to visualize customer's situation, making scenarios, forecasts and bring a lot of value into customer meetings.

Annika Meurling
Senior Advisor Retail Banking at SEB Baltic Division

Hukoomi, the Qatar Government’s Portal

Hukoomi plays a significant role in Qatar’s rise from 90 in 2010 to 27 in 2011 in the rankings of United Nations e-Government Survey. Hukoomi is also rewarded as the most accessible website in Qatar for 2012 and the best government electronic content in the Arab region in 2011.

Hospital, Radiology and Laboratory Information Systems for Tartu University Hospital

Nortal has proven to deliver two critical aspects being our software vendor. They can be flexible to address critical needs within a very short timeframe, and ensure long term stability for our multi-location, multi-discipline hospital, lab and radiology systems.

Mart Einasto
Board Member, Tartu University Hospital

e-shop for Maxima

Maxima’s e-shop is a modern e-commerce system for the biggest retailer in Lithuania, containing more than 20 000 products that can be searched and ordered in just a few seconds.

e-maxima.lt was selected as the best commercial project of the year in Login 2011 in Lithuania.

Register of Foundations for The National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland

The result was a system that has been very stable and met our operational needs well. The system has worked perfectly in practice, and there has not been any need for major maintenance work. We are very pleased.

Ulla-Maija Sarkkinen
NBPR Deputy Director

Tax Card Online Service for Finnish Tax Administration

The Tax Card Online service provides citizens with concrete tools, makes common routines a bit easier, and in the long run, also saves taxpayers’ money. The superiority of this service has also been recognised with numerous awards, e.g. JulkIT Awards 2007 as the best ICT project in public administration, Executive IT Awards recognition and Grand One 2007 recognition.

Over 50% of all Finnish trade is going through the harbors that operate on Nortal’s systems

Finland’s largest Harbour-operators in Kotka, Hamina and Helsinki manage the industrial production, materials, logistics and transportation with Nortal systems that help operators build cost-effective business models and run operations more efficiently.

TOIMI vehicle information system for Neste Oil

TOIMI vehicle information system for Neste Oil has given the customer service a competitive edge. The new system significantly reduced the loads of manual work. Automatic processes guarantee faster processing of deliveries. Route optimization enables efficient distribution and better customer service.

Information system for the reception, processing, manufacture and delivery of raw materials for Neste Oil

10 years of trouble-free production use, which is a significant achievement by any standards.

Juha Harjunen
Neste Oil Systems Manager