Liferay Competence

Nortal is a Liferay Portal Platinum level partner and has deployed Liferay projects since 2009. Nortal has developed more than 20 projects involving the Liferay Portal as the core platform.

We have over 50 specialists from project management to analysis, development, QA and visual design who are working with Liferay platform based projects on a daily basis. Besides that Nortal is a regional reseller and 1st line support contact for Liferay clients and developers.

Nortal has certified a number of specialists as Liferay developers and administrators, taken the 1st line support courses as required by the Liferay partnership terms and also participated in Liferay conferences annually to keep up with the latest improvements. We invest in keeping our specialists up to date with latest Liferay developments and are happy to bring the expertise to our clients.


  • Open Source – flexible and supporting standards
  • Modularity and a standard approach to all the modules – for us this means that our company can have multiple concurrent development teams releasing different business-critical features in the shortest possible time frame. All the portlets are independent yet compatible within the Liferay platform.
  • Excellent content management system (CMS) with possibilities for workflow and hierarchy management.
  • Secure single-sign-on (SSO) option to all integrated applications.
  • Opportunity to make personalized offers, based on demographics etc.
  • Supports interaction and communication between co-workers inside the corporation
  • A large variety of portlets are deployable out-of-the box – lower development costs and shorter timeframes.
  • Custom portlets are easily developed
  • Modularity and a standard approach to all modules
  • Constant improvement of the product
  • Full choice of application servers, databases and operating systems to run on, allowing to leverage infrastructure and skills investment.
  • Different units inside the corporation can create and manage their own content and define approval processes within their team or organization.
  • Low cost of ownership

Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Creating project specific configurations
  • Creating new portlets specific to your business logic
  • Administrator and user training
  • Updates to the latest version