Financial Services

In today’s world, competitive edge in the financial services industry is created through better customer service, efficiency through back-end automation and secure financial transactions. The common denominator is IT.

Oleg Shvaikovsky
Head of Business Unit Telecom

Nortal has been a valued partner for many banks, insurance and leasing companies since 2000. Solid competence in developing core banking systems, loan, leasing and insurance product management, self-service environments and automation of back-office processes is helping our clients achieve the necessary competitive edge.

We can deliver value for our clients in following areas.

  • Core Banking
    • Single Euro Payment Area
    • Money Market FX products
    • I-banking solution
    • Data Warehouse Reporting
    • Factoring
    • Leasing
  • Front end
    • I-bank
    • Self-service insurance
    • Trading system
    • E-claim management system
    • CRM
  • Back end
    • Billing automation
    • Service process automation
    • Reporting
    • Leasing
  • Finance and Risk
    • Claims handling
    • Scoring calculation
  • Integration
    • SOA
    • ESB

Our specialists have profound expertise in the areas of Cloud Computing, Separate Billing Engine, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, Business Process, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse for Compliance, Data Warehouse for Management Reporting, Data Warehouse for Financial Accounting, Business Process Outsourcing, Enterprise Services Bus.