Manufacturing & Logistics

Increasing competition in global markets has increased the demand for efficiency in industrial manufacturing and logistics. For the last 25 years we have supported our customers in their core process automation and optimisation.

Juha Laakkonen
Managing Director Finland

Industrial companies and logistics service operators depend on reliable and optimized real-time processes to stay competitive and grow their businesses. Our manufacturing and logistics management solutions include:

  • Industrial production and materials management
  • Production control and – optimisation
  • Logistics and transportation management
  • Order management solutions for operator services
  • Operational reporting
  • Industry specific software solutions and platform based solutions

Our solutions in the manufacturing and logistics industry allow for:

  • Control of the whole material flow
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Optimal use of energy in production process
  • Visualised view to control production processes
  • Work flow management
  • Task-related harbour production planning
  • Transport management and control
  • Mobile solutions for services
  • Container management
  • Message-based information sharing
  • Management of customs warehousing
  • Provision of own view for Custom offices to the system
  • Billing
  • Damage control and management
  • Harbour dock control
  • Handling official authority and tracing documents

We serve our clients with long-term focus and quality and provide them with:

  • Knowledge and experience in industrial production processes
  • Experience in logistics services
  • Ability to design IT systems that create business value
  • An agile and innovative approach to system development and application management
  • An ability to serve quickly, efficiently and reliably
  • Sufficient supply capabilities close to the client
  • Excellent technology-specific knowledge and innovative approach

Nortal is a reliable and innovative partner for the largest harbour operators and industrial enterprises in Finland. In Finland 90% from the country’s export and 70% of import comes through harbours. The leading harbour operators in Finland depend on Nortal for more efficient operations and cost-effective business models. The largest metal industry companies use our knowledge and talent to improve their core production processes and the use of automation. Finnish oil energy is distributed with the essential help of the customised business systems delivered by us. Our 24/7 service secures that these business critical systems are continually ready to serve.