We have packaged the best part of

our brains and expertise

into selected products and solutions.

Financial Management Information System

Nortal’s Financial Management Information System (FMIS) platform supports the complete process of managing public finances. The platform includes specialized modules for budget preparation, budget execution, asset and resource management, financial reporting and revenue collection.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integrates a company’s systems and automation levels into a whole.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates company business processes in one complete solution providing real-time information enabling right decisions at the right time.

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eHealth Suite

An efficient, modular, standards-based platform delivers operational efficiencies, increases quality of care and enables better decision making on all levels of healthcare administration.

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e-Government Gateway and Interconnectivity

A self-service governmental on-line portal provides a variety of relevant governmental services for its users in order to get things done fast and stress free.

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Harbour Operations Solution

Nortal’s Harbour Operations Solution includes modules for industrial production and materials management, logistics and transportation management and order management with the aim to help harbour operators build cost-effective business models and run operations more efficiently.

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A skill-based shift work optimisation solution addresses issues in work schedule compliance and work time calculation leading to more productive and contented workforce.

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Complete Tax Administration System

Nortal’s flexible and powerful Complete Tax Administration System is focused on supporting business objectives of Tax Administration, i.e. efficient and proper management of tax collection, facilitating voluntary compliance of taxpayers and assuring fair tax regime in the country.

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