Complete Tax Administration System

Nortal’s flexible and powerful Complete Tax Administration System is focused on supporting business objectives of Tax Administration, i.e. efficient and proper management of tax collection, facilitating voluntary compliance of taxpayers and assuring fair tax regime in the country.

Peeter Smitt
Managing Director Gulf

Our experts have gained experience in modernising Tax Administrations all over the world. Nortal’s flexible and powerful Complete Tax Administration system (CTX) enables gradual reforming of business processes to achieve maximal efficiency in use of resources.

In general, the implementation of Nortal CTX ensures the role of Tax Administration as a critical step achieving broader objectives as:

  • efficient financing of the expenditure necessary for the provision of public services;
  • enhancement of the budgetary process;
  • improvement of macroeconomic equilibrium;
  • improvement of the efficiency and equity of the tax system;
  • implementation of a positive fiscal policy aiming the productive investment and the promotion of value added activities via a policy of fiscal allowances.

The solution incorporates two major areas of activities in Tax Administration: citizen services and control. CTX is focused on provision of balanced and comprehensive support in both areas.

In citizen service area Nortal’s CTX:

  • facilitates simplification of procedures for fulfilment of tax obligations;
  • assures taxpayers’ awareness on tax legislation;
  • implements reliable and transparent tax payment systems for taxpayers for each tax;
  • implements integral, consistent and easy to understand communication channels between Tax Administration;
  • implements flexible and easy-to-maintain assessment system for variety of types of taxes, i.e. value added tax, company taxes, property taxes and individual incomes taxes.

In Tax Administration control area Nortal’s CTX:

  • establishes and continuously improves and updates the system for monitoring and assessment of tax risks;
  • defines an adequate approach to the tax control based on comprehensive risk assessment and taxpayer segmentation;
  • designs and implements efficient debt collection and enforcement system;
  • ensures fair and effective sanction regime.

Our CTX team is staffed by excellent professionals, who are experienced and motivated to bring highest value to our clients. The superiority of CTX has also been recognized with numerous awards, e.g. JulkIT Awards 2007 as the best ICT project in Finnish public administration, Executive IT Awards recognition and Grand One 2007 recognition.